How to smooth trace lines in silhouette studio

I have to admit I have a love hate relationship with the perforated score lines that are on so many of the cut files. I usually end up hand scoring a lot of my projects. Thanks to my friends at the Silhouette Plus message board, I discovered a technique that lets me change the way the perforated score lines work. With this technique they come out looking smoother. It takes a little experimenting, but is so worth it! Leo from SVG Cuts just emailed me to let me know that you do not need to change the line thickness for their files.

I learn something new every day! Thanks Leo for all your great files and for making it so easy to use your files with the Cameo! Thanks for visiting and please stop back on Friday. I have a quick and easy Christmas wreath to share with you. And I mean quick!! Thank you, thank you Linda. Will be trying this out very soon. Great video. Donna goCricutgo. Thanks for the video. Lindas Good hint! I bought the ring box file so now I'll need to make it!

Great video! I look forward to trying out your technique. Thanks so much for making this video and explaining everything so well. Your a lifesaver!!! I've been ungrouping everything and clicking on each of the score marks and then selecting no cut I finally had time to sit down and watch your video, and I loved it, Linda!

This is such a great idea! I never cut the score lines because I don't like the look of them, but this will make things much easier! I so love watching your videos Linda. I have bookmarked you again, I keep losing you Hoping I can find you again. Wonderful tip.I did exactly what you did and I still having the double line.

What can I do? It is something to do with the quality of the picture? I had the same problem where I did what she said and still had a double line and my object was not fully yellow yet. I left the high pass filter checked but I increased the number until my object turned completely yellow and then hit trace.

I'm having the same trouble as Aleandra. I imported a SVG file. Changed all the lines to 0. When I trace, I am still getting double lines. I have adjusted the High Pass. Please help. Thank you. You're a life saver! Is there ever a time when it's actually useful to do a high pass trace? I imported a shape that I drew with a pen and it's still creating double lines. Any suggestions? Please email me as I don't always check this site.

LorriHeiling gmail. Hi Lorri! Did you ever get an answer for your question regarding this post I am having the same issue and have yet to figure it out. Hope to hear back Mary marybevard. Try ungrouping then remove the second line, pick which line is best. If ungroup doesn't work try release compund path first, then it should work. Lynette from Australia. I agree with above comment - I have an item that is being traced that is a line drawing Lynette from Australia, you're a star.

I ungrouped and deleted the one line I didn't need. Works like a charm! I am having trouble - it is doing two things wrong different things! At first the highlighted trace area would just totally disappear leaving the original photo and no trace - this after highlighting, unchecking high pass filter, and then clicking on trace outer edge.

Now it is automatically tracing the double line trace when I highlight the trace area! I have shut down the program and restarted it and it's still doing the same thing! Any help would be appreciated. I was literally enlarging and then deleting the double cut line.

I'm new to Silhouette and someone recommended this site. I can't believe how much great information is here and it's so well laid out! Again, thank you!! Every time I google something about troubleshooting Silhouette, I find the answer here.What do you mean open in another work area? I had this happen in a "family" image I bought in silhouette studio.

How to trace images in Silhouette Studio

This is actually caused by resizing after ungrouping, then regrouping. Figured this ouy the other day. I have a B monogram file that came with two monograms.

How do i separate them without ungrouping? I have tried erasing and that causes the same problem. I have jagged lines whether it's text, a drawn shape, or a purchased file. I've tried adjusting settings, changing my screen resolution, checking for updates of drivers. All to no avail. I have un installed and re installed and no dice! Hard to connect lines or erase when you don't know what is the real deal.

Me too! I use the Trace Area section for most of my work - creating block-colored files to cut. Whether it is coincidental or not, when I used V2 it worked fine to select the whole of the image and it would trace around the image really well.

Silhouette Studio - Trace & Detach

Now in V3 it struggles. I have tried all sorts of tricks - some forums suggested increasing the packet size in the advanced preferences, but that didn't do anything. I now have to painstakingly select smaller sections to then remove the outer cut lines of each section and then add it all up - takes ages :S. I use v3 still and mine was initially set at 1 the lowest setting so my fonts curves were looking and cutting jagged.

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Facebook Pinterest Instagram YouTube. PS: I have no idea why the blue backing looks dirty Labels: How toHow to Marilyn May 27, at AM. Unknown May 28, at AM. Craftyretiredlady May 28, at AM. BraydonsMom June 3, at PM. Unknown October 19, at PM. Paula August 28, at PM. Unknown October 18, at PM. Unknown December 14, at PM. Anonymous November 11, at PM.I love how cute these mini cupcakes look on this tray! Her set also comes with an adorable pumpkin and ghost.

I used washi tape and attached the toppers to a toothpick. Notice how smooth the score lines are. Please see the video below for detailed directions on how to make smooth score lines.

I have been using this technique on all my Silhouette projects and I love it…no more cut marks! Hope you enjoyed the video and have a wonderful day! I love it! I'm so excited about all the possibilities with V3 and this is something I hadn't explored yet but am so happy to know about!

Silhouette Lesson: Line and Drawing Tools

Thanks so much for sharing! I have a question. Can you send the cut in just one try or would you need to cut the score lines first and then manually adjust the blade setting for the cut lines? Thanks so much for the info and your video.

I so appreciate all your help. Thanks, Linda. Your devoted fan Judy D. Linda, I watched your video when you initially posted this and made a mental note to refer back to your video when I needed score lines. Well today was the day and it worked perfectly!

My first try was with scrap paper to make certain the operator knew what she was doing! Thank you for taking the time to put this together, it was a huge help! Thank you! Post a Comment. Email This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Total Pageviews. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner. Choose a CategoryBy Silhouette Feb 11, Tracing these images is necessary if we want to cut out these images along their borders.

Open the Trace panel along the right side of your screen that looks like a butterfly.

how to smooth trace lines in silhouette studio

Drag a box around an image to completely enclose it. Typically you would trace one image at a time, but we want you to see the difference between several examples. Your image will start to fill with yellow. The yellow overlay is a preview of what your software sees and where the trace will be applied. This is where the cut lines will be created. You can choose to leave it as a solid fill or as an outline, depending on the detail you need to see for your particular image.

Each image will be a little different, so you have adjustment options available. High-contrast images trace best. Threshold determines how broadly the trace filter is applied to your image, beginning with the darkest colors on the low end of the scale. As we drag the percentage higher, it picks up more of my design.

Threshold is the most common adjustment you will make, but there are a few other features below. Despeckle Threshold helps eliminate noise in the trace. High Pass Filter allows trace lines to work from the outside edge, in toward the middle. This is good for creating a basic frame outline for your image.

In these examples, it might work well for the hamburger and the rectangle, if we want those thick framed lines. Low Pass Filter allows trace lines to start at the center of your image and work outward. Scale controls the smoothness of pixelated edges of your image. Higher values will be more pixelated, and lower values smooth out the edge. The initial trace is quite pixelated when tracing these leaves, but decreasing the scale allows it to pick up better detail.

Trace creates all outer and inner lines. This retains the voids and details in a design that are not filled with yellow. Trace Outer Edge creates a cut line only around the outer edge of your image. Trace and Detach will actually cut out the image from the background. Objects that are traced with Trace and Detach need to have their cut lines turned on in the Send Panel.

Objects with Trace or Trace Edge are immediately ready to cut with their cut lines on. As we mentioned, tracing will be different with each image.

Not every design can be traced effectively, especially if it has low contrast. Higher values recede from the edge.Thanks for leaving a comment! We get several hundred comments a day. While we appreciate every single one of them it's nearly impossible to respond back to all of them, all the time. In addition, don't forget to look for specific answers by using the Search Box on the blog.

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how to smooth trace lines in silhouette studio

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Copyright All contents of Silhouette School blog is protected under copyright. If you'd like to share, you are permitted to use a single photograph and a summary of a single post with a direct link back to the Silhouette School post.But this one just might be my favorite. The pattern isZippety Bags, by Bella Nonnaand it comes with templates for 5 different sized bags, from little coin purse to big makeup bag.

I think the design is adorable, and the best part is that they unzip completely flat, so you can store them easily when not in use. The hardest part is cutting the fabric…unless you have a Silhouette Cameo.

I scanned my pattern and turned each template into a cut file using the Silhouette Studio software. Step 1: Scan your pattern. Make sure you scan each page as a separate document, and save as a jpg.

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Your software will open a new file with the title of your scanned image. Step 3: Click the butterfly icon on the top right of your screen: This opens the Trace Window.

how to smooth trace lines in silhouette studio

Your cursor will turn into a crosshair. Click and drag a rectangle around the entire area that you want to trace. You have to play around here, as the settings will be a little different for everyone. Step 6: Clean up your cut line. First click and drag your original image away, or just delete it.

Then, zoom in on your cut lines using the magnifying glass icon at the top of your screen just to the left of the middle.

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These points represent everywhere the line changes direction. For a simple shape like this, most of the smoothing can be done by deleting unneeded points. Just click on one of the jagged points and it will turn white. You may have to delete several points in a row in order for a line to smooth out. If you delete too many, just hit undo. Pretty easy, right? But wait! The templates for 3 of the bags in this pattern are cut in half!

What do you do with those? We just need to add a couple more steps. Open your scanned image or images of one of the larger bags, just like you did in steps So, we need to do a little doctoring before we can join up the 2 halves. Step 5A: Open the Eraser Tool.

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